• Blush for different face shapes

    Goose egg face is suitable for: mushroom blush The oval face shape is perfect, and using regular mushroom blush can make the face shape more fashionable. You only need to use a large blush brush, at the highest point of the smile muscle, and circle from the inside to the outside. This painting me...
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  • Autumn and winter eye shadow painting method suitable for inner double girls

    I have to say that eye makeup is really a very difficult existence for the inner double.Especially for girls who prefer pink eye makeup, after applying eye shadow, the whole eyes look like they haven’t slept well for a long time.Today we will introduce an eye shadow painting method suitable...
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  • How to make up steps in winter?

    Correct makeup steps Step1. Basic moisturizing should be done well, and massage before makeup is very important. Dry skin and lack of elasticity will naturally make the base makeup not docile. Therefore, after cleansing in the morning, pat your cheeks with a lot of moisturizing lotion. If possibl...
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  • Say no for wrong skin care in Summer

    Say no for wrong skin care in Summer

    Normally, it will easily be oily face in Summer, and cannot hold a beauty well, the skin will become dull and lifeless. Even if you touch up your makeup timely, it is still easy to bring your own highlights. Then please be warned that you may have stumbled into a skin care misunderstanding! Whe...
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  • How to Setting-Powder in summer day

    How to Setting-Powder in summer day

    Summer is coming, sweating the trouble of every one. So how to setting-powder become an important step in make up. Before applying your powder, you have to know the differences between powders. There are four different kinds of powders. Colored works to correct tone, bri...
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  • New Beauty under Generation Z

    New Beauty under Generation Z

    Beauty comes from one generation to another, and as the core consumer group changes, the maintenance of the head and face is only a small part of the beauty. People pursue detailed skincare. Now, a complete makeup, may need to combine with pupil color, hair color and nai...
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  • How to distinguish the quality of eye shadow palette

    How to distinguish the quality of eye shadow palette

    When picking an eyeshadow palette, first look at the quality. Not only the quality of the eye shadow itself, but also the packaging design of the eye shadow tray and the matching makeup tools cannot be ignored. What exactly is a go...
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  • Network Valentine’s Day is Coming

    Network Valentine’s Day is Coming

    In May, there is a special day, called Network Valentine’s Day. Network Valentine's Day is a love festival in the information age, which is scheduled on May 20th and May 21st every year. The festival stems from the close connection...
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  • How to Choose Fake Eyelashes

    How to Choose Fake Eyelashes

    False eyelashes are one of the best ways to dramatically improve the appearance of your eyes, making them fuller, longer and better. The right fake eyelashes can easily add extra glamour and drama to any makeup look. Today, fake eyelashes come in different types, styles, and sizes, and finding th...
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  • Mother’s Day Best Gifts

    Mother’s Day Best Gifts

    The Mother’s Day is approaching. Our mother raised us and gave us many gifts since we were young. On this Mother’s Day, we are supposed to show our filial piety and give a surprise to our mother. Here make a gift list for you. 1. Lipsticks that never go out of style You can choose a ...
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  • New Technique——– Backlit Blush

    New Technique——– Backlit Blush

    As we all know, blusher is an everyday look that can give person a different sense of atmosphere. When we all thought we knew everything about blush, or we knew how to get a best blush for us, a new technique called backlit blush start the popular all over the world.   Normally, we will layer a ...
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  • Protect our skin in Summer

    Protect our skin in Summer

    Summer is coming, beyond sunglasses and a giant umbrella, make sure you have sunscreen also.   The skin is what we need to protect the most. Sun exposure will not only cause visible signs of aging like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation , but also will have a risk to skin cancer. So it’s impor...
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