Say no for wrong skin care in Summer

Normally, it will easily be oily face in Summer, and cannot hold a beauty well, the skin will become dull and lifeless. Even if you touch up your makeup timely, it is still easy to bring your own highlights. Then please be warned that you may have stumbled into a skin care misunderstanding!

Where is the oil from ? The answer is sebaceous glands.

The sebaceous glands not only can protect the skin, but also can lubricates the skin and hair. The secretory function of sebaceous glands is affected by multiple factors such as age, gender, race, temperature, humidity, location and sex hormone levels. Therefore, if skin care is not done properly in hot summer, the sebaceous glands will secrete more oil to “moisturize the skin”.

Usually, people overuse facial cleanser or overapply skin care products and masks in summer, thinking that they can better control oil and moisturize, but in fact, these are wrong practices. This will only damage the skin, easily become the sensitive skin, block the absorption of water, but also easy to plug pores.

How to save oilskin in summer. We only need to a healthy diet, a regular rest, wash your face no more than twice a day.

The oil produced by the skin is not excess, nor is it a waste product excreted by the body, but necessary for the human body.
Suggestions for girls: even if you are lazy with makeup, you should apply mascara.

As the saying goes, the eyes are the window of the soul. If you want to look good, you must pay attention to eye makeup, the most important part of eye makeup is to learn to apply mascara. Although it is simple, but it can instantly make makeup look fine.
As it is showed from the picture, the right effect really made eyes bigger, and at the same time, the eyes became very energetic, and the mental state of the whole person became better and better.

Before we apply the mascara, we need to note the following three steps:

1.When taking out mascara, be sure to scrape it on the paper towel, so that the applied eyelash can be clearly defined and superposed multiple times, which also can avoid the application of fly legs.

2.When brushing mascara, pay attention to brush the root of the eyelashes first. After setting the curled eyelashes, then to brush upward from the root. When the brush head is at the root, it can be lifted slightly, stay for a long time, so that the root can be thicker and more warped.

3.Please do not apply it in a Z-shape. It should brush up from the root with the brush head. In the corner of the eye and the end of the eye, you can make the brush head stand up and pull up the brush on both sides of the eyelashes, so as to ensure that all eyelashes are brushed.

When it comes to mascara, we can choose a long or short brush, a regular color (black or brown) or a colorful one, depending on our personal needs.

Post time: Jun-10-2022