Autumn and winter eye shadow painting method suitable for inner double girls

I have to say that eye makeup is really a very difficult existence for the inner double.Especially for girls who prefer pink eye makeup, after applying eye shadow, the whole eyes look like they haven’t slept well for a long time.Today we will introduce an eye shadow painting method suitable for inner double girls.

Step 1. Eye makeup primer

Do not choose those pearly eye shadows, but choose a matte and brownish color number for eye primer. You should focus on smudging in the eye sockets. After the effect comes out, the entire eye sockets will feel smooth have a sunken feeling

Step 2. Eyeshadow overlay

Then you can choose a matte orange eyeshadow as the main color of the whole eye makeup, but you should apply the eyeshadow in the center of the eye and then blend it to the sides. Remember that if the eye makeup is not very uniform,use a large Eyeshadow brush to apply it evenly.

Step 3. Eye Retouching

Next, use the main color eye shadow to apply on the lower eye corner, and then smudge it to the eyes, and then use a darker eye shadow to deepen the eye tail and the middle part of the eye, remember that the lower eyelid position also needs to be deepened at the same time.

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Post time: Dec-05-2022