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  • How to Choose Fake Eyelashes

    How to Choose Fake Eyelashes

    False eyelashes are one of the best ways to dramatically improve the appearance of your eyes, making them fuller, longer and better. The right fake eyelashes can easily add extra glamour and drama to any makeup look. Today, fake eyelashes come in different types, styles, and sizes, and finding th...
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  • Mother’s Day Best Gifts

    Mother’s Day Best Gifts

    The Mother’s Day is approaching. Our mother raised us and gave us many gifts since we were young. On this Mother’s Day, we are supposed to show our filial piety and give a surprise to our mother. Here make a gift list for you. 1. Lipsticks that never go out of style You can choose a ...
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  • How To Use Makeup Brush

    How To Use Makeup Brush

    We all use makeup brushes when applying face makeup. A good makeup tool is very important, and the correct way to use it is also very important.Let’s see how to use makeup brush. Loose powder brush The loose powder brush is one of the tools used to set makeup. It can be combined with powder...
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  • How To Clean Your Makeup Brush

    How To Clean Your Makeup Brush

    People like to use various brushes to apply makeup, which is not only convenient but also improves the effect of makeup a lot, but long-term use of makeup brushes will leave a lot of makeup on it. Improper cleaning can easily breed bacteria and cause various skin problems. Sounds Terrible, then w...
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  • How To Start A Cosmetic Line – You May Need To Know?

    How To Start A Cosmetic Line – You May Need To Know?

    It would be a good idea If you want to take the cosmetics business as the undertaking.Here are the important things you need to know about how to start a cosmetic line. Find a reliable Supplier This is a challenge. Often young brands choose several manufacturers because of the inability to compl...
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  • Holiday Packaging

    Holiday Packaging

    They are overwhelmed by choice when facing the brilliancy of the products. Especially for people with choice overload like me,Consumers simply don’t have the ways or the time to compare every option that’s on shelf.. So, we have to rely on a series of shortcuts. One of the effective ways is the v...
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  • Fresh Summer Makeup

    Summer, with long bright and hot days, provides various opportunities for getting creative with new makeups looks. Now more than ever, you should use makeup to express yourself: a bold and playful attitude. We can wipe it off at any time and start over. To create color conflicts on my face-for ex...
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  • How to do Monochromatic makeup

    Monochromatic makeup is a huge trend recently and has been popping up over the entertainment circles. Let’s talk about monochrome-chic makeup. Monochromatic makeup is relatively light makeup, but it is not a light makeup for first love. The overall makeup looks slightly drunk and natural, so it d...
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  • Various cosmetic effects

    Various cosmetic effects

    1.liquid foundation: The most important thing about liquid foundation is texture, shade and efficacy。The liquid foundation of the oily skin person must have the effect of oil control and quick-drying, and for dry skin people must have a long-lasting moisturizing effect. The most basic requireme...
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