Blush for different face shapes

Goose egg face is suitable for: mushroom blush

The oval face shape is perfect, and using regular mushroom blush can make the face shape more fashionable. You only need to use a large blush brush, at the highest point of the smile muscle, and circle from the inside to the outside. This painting method is very in line with the temperament of the oval face. In addition, the blush brush can be made of wool or soft artificial fiber.

Suitable for round face: oblique “u” shaped blush

The round face is very cute, but it lacks three-dimensional effect, making up for it with “u”-shaped blush can add three-dimensional effect. Use a blush brush to brush under the highest point of the smile muscle, bypass the highest point to the outer eye socket, and the focus of the blush is on the outer side of the smile muscle. The highest part of the smile muscle is biased toward the bridge of the nose, which can be brightened a little. It is best to use a “oblique fan” for the blush brush, and it is very comfortable to deal with the curvature of the “u”-shaped blush.

Long face is suitable for: horizontal blush

The best way to apply blush horizontally is for long faces. It can visually make the proportion of the face close to perfect. The best blush tool is to use your fingers to dip the creamy blush, from the highest point of the smile muscle across the cheekbones, to the outer eye socket, and apply it back and forth 3 or 4 times to complete. Don’t be too heavy when you first start, and the center of the blush should be on the cheekbones.

Square face is suitable for: Smudged blush

The square face lacks a sense of tenderness, so it is necessary to smudge the blush to correct the face shape. Use an oval-head blush brush and use the “convergent and round” method. The blush can be boldly applied from the outer eye socket to the temple, and then down to the smile At the top of your skin, this richly rounded blush offsets the edges of a square face. Note that the center of gravity of the blush cannot exceed the highest point of the smile muscle.

Post time: Dec-12-2022