How to distinguish the quality of eye shadow palette


When picking an eyeshadow palette, first look at the quality. Not only the quality of the eye shadow itself, but also the packaging design of the eye shadow tray and the matching makeup tools cannot be ignored. What exactly is a good eyeshadow palette?

1) Eye shadow quality

There are several measures of eye shadow quality: powder, pressure plate, color rendering:

a.Powder: Powder is the basis for determining whether eye shadow is easy to use or not. The powder is fine and fine, and the upper eyes are smudged, and the eye makeup will be delicate, not caking or dirty. Dip it with your finger, you can observe the fineness of the powder, evenly arranged in the fingerprint, it means it is more delicate, and then brush it on the arm, the longer the color extension, the more uniform the powder, the better the powder.


b. Pressing plate: The problem of "flying powder" that we often hear is related to the pressing plate. In fact, most eye shadows will fly powder, and the finer the powder, the easier it is to fly. In addition, it depends on whether the pressure plate is solid or not. The eye shadow with a solid pressure plate has a relatively small degree of flying powder. If it is accidentally broken, it will not be "rolled powder". On the contrary, the pressure plate is relatively loose, and it is easy to fall on the face when applying makeup, which will stain the base makeup.


c. Color rendering: The color rendering of eye shadow is also very important. For beginners, it is better to have a moderate eye shadow color, not too much color, so it is not easy to control the effect of the upper eye. But for talented beauty lovers, the more color the eyeshadow is, the better. After all, when buying a plate, 80% are attracted by the color. Wouldn't it be disappointing if the upper eye couldn't restore the color.


2) Packaging Design

a. Material: The packaging of eyeshadow palette is mostly metal, plastic and paper. The eye shadow palette with metal packaging is relatively heavy, and it is easy to be damaged by bumps, but not easily broken, which can better protect the eye shadow, and can reduce the degree of eye shadow fragmentation in the process of transportation and carrying. Plastic packaging is light and easy to carry, but fragile, and does not protect the eyeshadow as well as metal packaging. Paper packaging is slightly inferior in terms of water resistance, and its sealing performance is not as good as the first two, but it has a lower cost and is light and easy to carry. These two materials are the first choice of major beauty brands.


b. Sealing: The packaging also includes sealing methods, and bayonet and magnet are more commonly used. Generally, plastic and metal packaging are often equipped with bayonet switches, while cardboard packaging is often used with magnetic buckles. In comparison, the bayonet switch has better adhesion, can reduce the oxidation of eye shadow, and will not let powder fly out. The suction of the magnet opening is the key. If it is not firm, the eyeshadow tray will be easily opened inadvertently, and it is common to rub it into the bag.

3) Bonus tools

The tools in the eyeshadow palette can also influence consumers' desire to buy. Generally, we pay more attention to two points: one is the mirror, and the other is the eye shadow brush. The eyeshadow palette comes with a mirror, which is very convenient to apply makeup, and it can also reduce the burden on travel, which is a very intimate existence. The same is true for the eye shadow brush. Although it is a bonus product, you cannot have high expectations, but the basic powder extraction power and softness can still reach the standard. Use a fluffy brush to base, then use a dense brush to color in the eye crease, and the simple makeup can be completed quickly.


Post time: May-21-2022