Network Valentine’s Day is Coming


In May, there is a special day, called Network Valentine’s Day.
Network Valentine's Day is a love festival in the information age, which is scheduled on May 20th and May 21st every year. The festival stems from the close connection between "520" in singer Fan Xiaoxuan's "Digital Love" and "I love you" and the close connection between "I love you" and "Network lover" in musician Wu Yulong's Internet song. Later, "521" was gradually given the meaning of "I do, I love you" by couples. "Network Valentine's Day" is also known as "auspicious wedding day", "confession day", "baby day", "courtship day".
On the occasion of each 520 Network Valentine's Day, beauty and skin care businesses will launch special gift boxes. Next, let's take a look at several 520 limited collocations of major brands,


Most women want beauty products for the Network Valentine’s Day. As related survey data statistics, as many as 70% of women would prefer to receive such beauty products from their loved one this years. That easily beats flowers or jewellery(64% each) and chocolates(57%). Don't hesitate to prepare a 520 cosmetics gift box for your loved one!
JIALI COSMETICS can provide customized Valentine’s Day beauty kit or other festival theme products accordingly. Welcome to inquiry for more unique cosmetics design!

Post time: May-21-2022