• The Makeup Trends of 2022:Variegated

    The Makeup Trends of 2022:Variegated

    Every new year will bring some new beauty trends, and 2022 has ushered in some new popular makeup and style spells, which will immediately improve your overall image and make you stand out. 1.Apply blush extensively Add a touch of bright color to your cheeks with bright pink, red, yellow and othe...
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  • Say goodbye to tired or dull on your skin

    Say goodbye to tired or dull on your skin

    If you less of sleeping yesterday or feel tired today, but have an important meeting must to attend, a highlighter can help you to create the illusion of being well-rested. Its’ job is to instantly brighten skin by attracting light. We can enhance your natural features as below showed, and same t...
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  • The different beauty under the masks ———— Brows

    The different beauty under the masks ———— Brows

    Now that wearing face masks is the norm, so eyebrows deserve even more attention. Maybe you have poorly shaped brows, but don’t worry that. We can use the right brow pencil to fill in and define them, you will be more polished look. How to choose the shape of the tip: Fine tips are excellent fo...
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  • Beauty Makeup Boom

    Beauty Makeup Boom

    With the gradual elimination of the epidemic, consumers’ demand for cosmetics products has experienced a strong rebound. In addition, in recent years, Chinese consumers have upgraded their pursuit of beauty, the rise of domestic products, the marketing of new media, the help of capital and ...
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  • How to Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

    How to Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

    Of all the amazing beauty products out there, you might overlook blush as an add-on: rookie mistake. Blush can make your complexion look healthier and your skin look younger. It adds a glow that bronzes and highlighters cannot imitate. To let your blusher blend into your skin and stay put throug...
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  • Right Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

    Right Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

    1. Always use primer An eye primer creates a clean canvas that acts as a barrier between your eye makeup and the natural oils in your skin. This way, your eye makeup will stay put, so you can keep touch-ups to a minimum. 2. Decode your palette Belo...
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  • Super Handy Makeup Tips

    Super Handy Makeup Tips

    1.Base Makeup 1.The base makeup can sometimes get stuck. Add a drop of serum to the foundation, mix well and apply to the face. It will be much gentler! 2.If the makeup egg is applied directly on the base makeup, a lot of liquid foundation will remain on the makeup egg,...
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  • How To Use Makeup Brush

    How To Use Makeup Brush

    We all use makeup brushes when applying face makeup. A good makeup tool is very important, and the correct way to use it is also very important.Let’s see how to use makeup brush. Loose powder brush The loose powder brush is one of the tools used to set makeup. It can be combined with powder...
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  • How To Clean Your Makeup Brush

    How To Clean Your Makeup Brush

    People like to use various brushes to apply makeup, which is not only convenient but also improves the effect of makeup a lot, but long-term use of makeup brushes will leave a lot of makeup on it. Improper cleaning can easily breed bacteria and cause various skin problems. Sounds Terrible, then w...
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  • How To Pick Her A Valentine’s Gift

    How To Pick Her A Valentine’s Gift

    Nowadays The Valentine’s Day seems have been a festival for young people, Generation Z are  more able to enjoy all kinds of sweet happiness among lovers. Gifts representing love such as Roses also arrive as scheduled during the festival. The middle-aged people seem to treat these festivals ...
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  • Tips of Beauty Egg

    Tips of Beauty Egg

    1.The first step of the beauty egg is to let it absorb water first, wait for it to expand and squeeze out the excess water, but remember not to twist like a towel, the little beauty egg can withstand a few twists! easily transformed! And don’t use too much force, let the beauty egg mainta...
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  • How to Apply Concealer Properly

    How to Apply Concealer Properly

    The great Concealer has innumerable consistency, form and finishes, from liquid to cream to rod and so on. The key is to find the right formula and tone for any problem you try to hide. Here are all the makeup tips and tricks you need to know to make your Concealer look perfect.   (1) choosing th...
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