How to Setting-Powder in summer day

Summer is coming, sweating the trouble of every one. So how to setting-powder become an important step in make up.

Before applying your powder, you have to know the differences between powders. There are four different kinds of powders. Colored works to correct tone, brighten the face, and correct redness. Translucent powders are probably the safest bet since they don't change the color of the foundation and don't add coverage. Pressed powders add slightly more coverage than loose ones because they contain binders, and they can add a polished look to the skin when applied with a buffing motion to the face. So you have to choose the right setting powder which weights you down.


Second, blending in your foundation before putting on powder. Blending in foundation seamlessly is key to great powder placement. Really blend and work the foundation into the skin with a blending brush until it feels one with the skin, so it doesn't feel like it's sitting on top of it as a separate entity. 


Third, press it into your skin while your foundation is still wet. Pressing it on will prevent the foundation from moving around or streaking in the process. It also allows the foundation to set better so it stays on all day.

Post time: May-27-2022