How to make up steps in winter?

Correct makeup steps

Step1. Basic moisturizing should be done well, and massage before makeup is very important. Dry skin and lack of elasticity will naturally make the base makeup not docile. Therefore, after cleansing in the morning, pat your cheeks with a lot of moisturizing lotion. If possible, you can use a soaked cotton pad to make a water film. After applying the top cream, you can gently massage from bottom to top to lock in moisture and tighten the skin.

Step2. Moisturizing base makeup adds a sense of moisture Use a moisturizing base makeup product, such as liquid foundation or cream foundation with high moisturizing strength, and pat it evenly on the face with tools such as fingers or a sponge. If you feel that the base makeup product is not moisturizing enough, you can add 1-2 drops of essence to mix with the foundation to create a moist and flawless skin.

Step3. Locally fixed makeup lasts all day. Locally oily areas are slightly fixed to increase the lasting power of makeup while maintaining the overall moisturizing feeling. Use a brush to take a small amount of loose powder or powder and swipe it on the forehead, nose tip, chin and other places that are prone to oily makeup removal. For dry skin, this step can be omitted to maintain the moisturizing feeling of the whole face makeup.

Step4. Soft eyebrows add warmth. Use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to draw the natural outline of eyebrows. Hard or thick eyebrows can easily create a sense of distance. Soft eyebrows can add gentleness and improve winter favorability.

Step5. Warm-colored eye shadows get rid of dullness. Most of the winter colors are dark and dull. At this time, you can choose warm-colored eye shadows to increase the color and improve the sense of warmth! In terms of colors, you can choose warm colors such as orange and brown, because warmer-colored eye shadows are prone to puffiness, so You can apply a dark eyeshadow in a small area at the end of the eye to add a sense of depth.

Step6. Eyeliner to outline eye shape Eyeliner can use eyeliner or liquid eyeliner to outline the line, it is recommended to choose brown and other soft colors with eye shadow. If you feel that the overall look is too monotonous, you might as well try colorful eyeliner boldly to set off the charm of the eyes under the warm-colored eye shadow, and give this winter a sense of color!

Step7. Thick and curled eyelashes to create a winter electric eyelash curler After clipping the eyelashes, choose a lengthening or thickening mascara according to your personal situation. If you want a longer and thicker effect, you can use a fiber-lengthening mascara primer or wear a mascara that suits you. Eyelashes, easy to create winter electric eyes!

Step8. Liquid/cream blush presents a perfect hydrating feeling. Liquid and cream blush will be more moisturizing than powder blush. Use your fingers or a sponge to gently pat a small amount of blush on the cheekbones to the smile muscles, and then lightly Sweep on a layer of powder blush of the same color to increase the staying power, just like the natural rosy feeling coming from the skin!

Step9. The sweet lips highlight the moist and good complexion. In winter, the lips are prone to peeling and the lip lines are deep. What should I do? You need to apply a thick layer of lip balm when you start to apply makeup, and then wipe it off with a tissue when you paint your lips. It has become very moisturizing! For lipstick colors, it is recommended to choose warm colors such as peach orange and coral pink to create a sweet and beautiful complexion.

Post time: Nov-28-2022