Face Whitening Oil Control Makeup Vegan Waterproof Compact Powder

Short Description:

1.Item No. : G17077
2.Product Name: Engraved Agel– Baked Compact Powder
3.Colors: Single Color
4.Packaging Size: Dia.7.2*1.4cm
5.Packaging Material: ABS +UV
6.Different patterns/shapes are customizeable
7.Different material texture, color, fragrance available
8.Skin nourishing ingredients can be added.(such as hyaluronic acid, yeast, polypeptides, etc.)

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

1.Main Ingredients: Corn starch ,gycerin and PANAX GINSENG Root Extract
2.Brand Name: Private Label/OEM/ODM.
3.Place of Origin: China
4.MOQ: 12000pcs
5.LOGO: Customizeable
6.Sample: Available and customizeable
7.Production Lead Time: 35-40days after pre-production sample approval
8.Payment Terms: 50% deposit in advance and balance paid before shipment.
9.Certification: MSDS, GMPC, ISO22716, BSCI
10.Package: Customized Package, such as powder compact / display box / paper box and so on

Product Feature

This powder is designed to be three-dimensional, more artistic and can show unique cultural connotations.
A super soft, silky powder is chock full of true-color mineral pigments that let you layer on your glow with no harsh lines or chalky build-up.
MPANAX GINSENG helps to delay aging of the skin, Glycerin hydrates and moisturizes the skin, seamless blending.

Contains a mineral complex for a smooth, as fine as air super fine powder that doesn’t clog pores and allows the skin to breathe freely,, light and smooth.
The breathable natural no makeup feeling
Skin care isolation, fine powder with refractive ingredients to isolate and protect the skin from external damage, moisturising and non-floating for a clear, fine finish.
Botanical oil control, plant oil control sweat particles lasting oil control, so that the skin appears healthy state.
Long-lasting makeup, beauty does not stop.

How to Use

Step 1: START WITH MOISTURIZER AND PRIMER: Powder makeup formulas can sometimes accentuate dryness and lines—so, it’s a smart idea to apply a moisturizer and primer first
Step 2: DON’T GO OVERBOARD : Jus a light layer of powder, focusing it on your T-zone, where your skin is more likely to be oily. As you work toward the edges of your face, use a light hand to apply only a touch of powder
Step 3: PAIR POWDERS WITH POWDERS: Stick with powder formulas when you wear powder foundation.
Step 4: USE IT TO “BAKE” YOUR MAKEUP :D ab a thick layer of powder onto your forehead, chin, and under-eye area. Give your makeup a moment to “bake,” letting the powder sit for about five minutes. then use your makeup brush to sweep away any excess powder
If you have an oily complexion: Try a long-lasting powder which offers a matte finish, controls shine
For those with dry skin: Use a creamy powder formula that won’t settle into lines, leaving you with a smooth, satin finish.
If you have combination skin: Grab the face powder matches skin tone and texture, allowing you to build up to your desired level of coverage.
Step 6: USE EYESHADOW PRIMER BEFORE APPLYING POWDER SHADOW: Simply swipe a light layer onto your upper eyelid, then go about applying your powder eyeshadow as usual.
Step 7: FINISH WITH A SETTING SPRAY: Once you’re finished applying all of your makeup, spritz on the Setting Spray, which locks in makeup for a long wearing.

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