7PCS Wholesale Private Label Luxury Makeup Brush Set

Short Description:

1. Item Number: G8211
2. Usage: Matte Gradient White Purple Embossed Plastic Handle Beauty Makeup Brush (Powder, BLUSHER, FOUNDATION, Eye Shadow)
3. Color: Gradient White and Purple color
4. Brand Name: JIALI Cosmetics, ODM, OEM, Private name
5. Style: Flat Brush, Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, etc
6. MOQ: 12,000PCS

Product Detail

Product Tags


1.  Nylon Fiber: the soft fiber is fluffy and tight, the makeup is natural and clear, and the powder grip is stronger
2. Thick aluminium tube: high-gloss aluminium tube is thick and durable, elegant and atmospheric, not easy to scrtch and fade, durable, same color as the brush, one integrated mass
3. Plastic handle: High-quality Plastic embossed handle, comfortable grip, warm hand feeling, no scratches and no peculiar smell after long-term use


1. Powder Brush: Total length: 18.4cm  Hair length: 4.2cm
2. Powder Brush: Total Length: 17.5cm  Hair Length: 4.6cm
3. Highlight Brush: Total Length: 17.1cm  Hair Length: 3.1cm
4. Blender Brush: Total Length: 16.7cm  Hair Length: 1.1cm
5. Large Eyeshadow Brush: Total Length: 16.5cm  Hair Length: 1.0cm
6. Eye Crease Brush: Total Length: 16.2cm  Hair Length: 1.3cm
7. Eyebrow Brush: Total Length: 15.5cm  Hair Length: 0.7cm

Using Effects

1. Your makeup will be more natural and no floating powder.
2. The makeup will last longer.
3. You can control every detail and make your makeup more refined.
4. You can save the amount of cosmetics.
5. New hands can also create glamorous makeup easily


JIALI COSMETICS is a modern international enterprise specializing in middle and high grade color makeup and skin and beauty care products with the combination of R&D, manufacture and sale. Our major products are eyeshadow,blusher,concealer,lipgloss,concealer etc. We support the cooperated customers on colors customizing & matching, prompt delivery, private packaging, competitive prices, and professional technical support.

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